• Cash flow management

    Money in the bank.

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  • Survive.

    A large proportion of businesses fail within five years. Of those, the vast majority fail because they ran out of cash in the bank.


    Tracking your short term cash flow is an important part of survival for any business.


    See exactly where the cash is being spent every month.


    Allow yourself to rest easy knowing you can meet all your payments this month and next.


    Look ahead and prepare for any large movements in cash to avoid nasty surprises. And if there is a surprise, be ready to deal with it comfortably.


    Having a clear picture of your cash flow is incredibly enabling when making decisions in your business. You will know when is the right time and when is NOT the right time to hire a new team member, make a large purchase, increase your marketing spend, etc...


    Maximise the return on your capital by eliminating, minimising, or restructuring outgoings, and freeing up more cash to increase sales and profits.